Epitop Optoelectronic  co., LTD which is registered capital of 240 million RMB was established in 2010. The company is a high-tech enterprise and a private technology enterprise in anhui province. Epitop is quoted on the Nation Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) from May 2015. The stock code is 832502.  

        Epitop is composed of product, research and sales of full color light-emitting diode LED epitaxial wafer, chip, lighting product. There are more than 30 sets of MOCVD equipment, as well as a world-class chip production line.  AFM, XRD, EL, PL etc. are used for wafer test. There is a production of 1.8 million pieces of high quality epitaxial wafers and  a production of 1.8 million pieces chips. And the production of wfers and chips is still expanding year by year.



Development History:  

        1, Epitop was named as "2011 annual green liability company and the most investment valuable companyof the year" by China's clean technology industry investment and finacing summit in 2011.

  2, Epitop was awarded as the most 100 innovative growth companies of 2011 and 2012 by "Entrepreneurial"  (the only one awarded company in Anhui province).

  3, Epitop is the model enterprise of Industry-university-research cooperation in Maanshan. And Epitop is a R&D center of Maanshan project of Semiconductor Lighting .

  4,Epitop has passed the standard attestation of ISO9001 International Quality System in 2012.

  5,The high quality epitaxial wafers and chip products of Epitop were identified as high-tech products in Anhui province in 2012.


  6, The acquisition of  Jiangxi Ruineng company in April 2013 province pingxiang farce can (6 sets of advanced MOCVD equipment), to further strengthen enterprise strength.

  7, In June 2013, as China association photoelectric device branch governing units. National semiconductor lighting project research and development and industry association member units. Ministry of the working group members, to participate in three national standard formulation. Maanshan photovoltaic industry association director unit. The President unit of the anhui province industrial technology strategy innovation alliance.

  8, In September 2013, my company's "high photosynthetic efficiency high power lighting LED epitaxial wafer, chip industrialization" by ministry of science and technology identified as national torch plan project industrialization demonstration project.

  9, In May 2013 and frequently on the photoelectric, hangzhou HangKe cooperate to undertake the miit electronic funds "indoor semiconductor lighting devices, electric light source products and detection technology research and development and application" project.

  10, In November 2013, the company's technical team ranked 115 in anhui province to talent work leading group in anhui province industrial innovation team.

Xu-dong liang in December 2013, chairman of the board of directors by the anhui provincial party committee organization department, development and reform commission, department of science, human resource security hall as anhui province technology talents.

  11, In December 2013, take the anhui province science and technology plan of "high square lumen value white light lighting chip" project.

  12, In December 2013 in anhui province by the letter as information fusion and industrialization demonstration enterprises in anhui province.

  13, In April 2014, undertook the miit electronic funds "LED chip production line with key equipment technology development and industrialization", a project subject to tender.

  14, In 2014 was named China's top 20 clean technology enterprises.

  15, In September 2014 to undertake the photoelectric device optical photoelectron industry association of China branch of the 14th national development of LED technology and seminars, and was awarded the excellent organizer. Company is the Chinese branch of optical photoelectron industry association, and the China electronics news as domestic LED 2013-2014 famous brand enterprises.


  The company has dozens of proprietary technology, and nine 50 patents of invention and utility model patents.

  Through technical innovation, careful to grasp the cash flow, implement the development strategy of "slow", form is given priority to with south China and east China region, south of fujian province and the northern region is complementary sales network, perfect management system and strict financial and practical rigorous collection process to ensure the full year 2012 a doubling of sales from 2011, implement sales $. Company in 2013 in the case of continuous expansion, and a doubling of implementation, achieve annual sales of 300 million yuan. Sales of more than 500 million yuan in 2014, the industry of the strong.