ISO quality management objectives
  At present, the company to ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2008 standard, and effectively integrated into the management requirements of LED, formed a set of effective, stable, professional and sustainable improvement of LED products and services of the quality management system. Provide high quality LED products and services cannot lack of quality management, this kind of consciousness has deep into the hearts of everyone in harmony. "Process control" and the thought of "continuous improvement" is through each staff in the actual work and the project development and management.
  Quality management
  Quality policy: science management, continuous innovation, continue to provide customers with satisfactory products and quality services.
Quality policy: quality is the enterprise the source of life, is the company to survive. The cornerstone of development, is also the interests of the employees. Scientific management, improve product competitiveness, and through continuous innovation, to promote the development of the enterprise, is the responsibility of the company all staff. Continue to provide customers satisfactory products and quality service, will make further enhance the company's credibility in the customer heart!
  Environment policy
  Accordance with the law allowed, saving energy and reducing consumption. Full participation, continuous improvement.
  Environment policy:
  A) consciously abide by the relevant laws and regulations, environmental awareness, gradually become a conscious act.
  B) the pursuit of environmental characteristics of raw material, so as to prevent or reduce the impact on the environment in the process of production and processing.
  C) the implementation of the whole process of environmental management, in the process of production, office goals of saving energy and reducing consumption, low pollution.

  D) management system should keep the principle of continuous improvement, to achieve customer satisfaction, full participation to create a green plant environment.