Operation technician

Job description:

  Working location: ma on shan economic development zone treasure their west road no. 399

  Salary: negotiable

  Release date: 2013-06-08

  Demand number: 10

  Responsibilities: responsible for equipment operation, file record/inspection, equipment inspection and test/inspection data to fill in

  Job description:

  1. An operator must be strictly according to the operating procedure for equipment operation, testing and other work, timely and correctly fill in the corresponding data according to the requirement, and check or find abnormal data in a timely manner to the subordinate report long;

  2. According to the tally sheet, single operation for equipment daily check and inspection work, in the check and inspection In abnormal condition to timely report to belong to the monitor or technician, such as monitor the technician is not in need program step by step in accordance with the provisions of the abnormal contact method contact;

  3. Operating personnel should maintain and clean work area health;

  4. Monitor the other work assigned by the. Education background: technical secondary school above, have basic knowledge of electronics, semiconductor;

Specialized training experience or training experience: relevant working experience is preferred;

Skills: have a certain level of English, familiar with various office software skills. Attitude: is responsible earnestly, good at communication.


  Contact: hr@epitop.com.cn miss liu

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